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Focus Groups: Planning for Success

16 December

I was recently asked to answer this question about focus groups on Quora: What type of information do market research firms request from their clients to successfully conduct focus groups? What is the optimal format for this information? My answer may be useful for those of you who are considering conducting focus groups in the […]

6 Holiday Trends for 2015

08 December

With the 2015 holiday season in full swing, here are the latest trends and stories that caught our attention: The backlash against stores starting “Black Friday” on Thanksgiving (sometimes even before the pumpkin pie has been served!) continued this year. In a refreshing return to normalcy,┬áREI, Costco, Nordstrom and other chains chose to give their […]

The Neuroscience Behind Print Advertising

02 December

Magazine content is now available in more formats than ever, through the web, mobile apps, streaming video, and even podcasts. But marketers and advertisers shouldn’t be too quick to count print media out just yet. In a recent white paper from MPA – The Association of Magazine Media, Scott McDonald writes about the lasting impact […]