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The Class of 2015

03 June

There’s good news and there’s bad news for the Class of 2015. The good news is, new college graduates are entering the best job market since the recession, and demand for skilled workers is up. The bad news is a recent study by Accenture found that more than 44% of new graduates will still be […]


Mother’s Day by the Numbers

07 May

Housekeeping, cleaning, cooking, chauffering, homework help—what are the everyday tasks the average mother performs worth?’s annual assessment, based on median wage data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, sets Mom’s 2015 market value at $65,284. That’s an increase of 3.7% percent from last year, up 9.1% from 2013. Though mothers are rarely compensated monetarily […]


Qualitative Methods & Big Data

05 May

SayWhat recently visited with Justin McCrary, Director of the UC Berkeley Social Sciences Data Lab, aka the D-Lab, to learn more about what they are doing. One of their goals is to build networks through which Berkeley researchers can connect with users of social science data in the off-campus world. The D-Lab is a sister […]


Millenials & the Future of Golf

16 April

Golf is changing for a variety of reasons from culture to climate change. Younger golfers are bringing a new mindset to the game and drought conditions, especially in California suggest that brown may be the new green. Though the overall number of players has decreased year over year, PGA of America president Ted Bishop says […]


Big Data and Market Research

09 March
Hank and Ally

Big Data have made quantum leaps in the amount of consumer information gatherable from more sources than ever before. Organizations are looking at data sets as diverse as social media chatter, Point of Sale and other “digital footprint” data, from the Internet of Things (think smart appliances like the Nest thermostat). The challenge is trying […]


7 Ways to Connect with Gen Z

18 February

Marketers are starting to sit up and take notice of Generation Z (born after 2000) and their growing influence and buying power. Gen Z is the largest generational group in the U.S., as well as being the most diverse and multicultural. “55% are Caucasian, 24% are Hispanic, 14% are African-American and 4% are Asian,” according […]


Best Social Listening Tools

29 January

As social media management tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social have become more sophisticated, they have expanded their dashboards to better accommodate “social listening.” By tapping the rich data available in social media, social listening can help brands with competitive analysis (What are other brands doing that we could be doing better?), determining consumer sentiment […]


3 FAQs About Qualitative

10 January

As we launch into a new year, you may be thinking about where qualitative research fits into your planning, and what you should expect from the process. In our discussions with new clients, certain questions come up fairly frequently, especially these: 1) How many questions can we ask participants? If you are asking this question, […]


Holiday Shopping Trends: Beyond Cyber Monday

04 December

This year saw a backlash against the recent trend of Black Friday holiday shopping creeping into Thanksgiving day.  According to CNN Money, “opening on Thanksgiving does little to boost sales, according to the data from recent years. Instead, it merely shifts some shopping that would have been done on Black Friday to Thursday….On top of […]