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The Secret to Sharing Economy Success: Know Your Customer

20 November

When people talk about “the sharing economy”, they’re usually referring to personal services like TaskRabbit, transportation services like Uber and Lyft, or short-term rental space, like Airbnb. But platforms for connecting sellers to consumers are also changing the way people dress for parties (Rent the Runway), fund their artistic endeavors (Kickstarter), and even shop for […]


Crowdsourcing Innovation

16 October

Crowdsourcing has come of age in the nine years since James Surowiecki’s The Wisdom of Crowds was first published.  Clothing crowdsource sites BetaBrand and Threadless contain costs and maximize on the cool factor by only manufacturing the designs that have fan support. Kickstarter crowdfunding brought the Pebble smart watch and Goldieblox building toys into being. […]


Lost in Translation

07 October

  Recently we conducted a survey for the PR team of a start-up. Our surveys were conducted with an international audience across nine countries, and we had them translated into seven different languages. The tone of the survey was lighthearted, meant to engage with an amusing subject matter. Before sending the survey, in an abundance […]


Marketing to Moms

30 September

Marketing to moms is big business, as dedicated market research communities for BabyCenter and Wal-Mart prove. SayWhat Digital Strategy and Community Platform partner Carole McManus wrote about the seven things marketers must keep in mind when engaging with moms. In her work with ZoomPanel Moms, an online community targeted towards mothers across the U.S., she […]


Do We Really Need to Know Why?

25 April

Scott McDonald, Senior Vice President of Market Research at Condé Nast, (coincidentally, my brother) recently gave a talk to the Marketing Science Institute (MSI) entitled “Social, Technological and Economic Forces Affecting Market Research Over the Next Decade.” [The Deck. Scroll down for video.] One of the more controversial predictions was that within the next decade, […]


Unexpected Developments

23 September

It was opening night, the middle of the second act. As the lights came up the Seven Dwarves carried (Black) Snow White’s poisoned body onstage singing the funeral dirge. But the piano was playing “High Ho.” We had skipped a scene! One more dress rehearsal would have helped. The head dwarf whispered, ventriloquist style: “Take […]