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Fact, Fiction and the Curated Self

10 May

That idea that people distort the “truth” when telling you about themselves is nothing new to seasoned qualitative researchers. My first research job out of grad school involved interviewing jail detainees about their drug and unsafe sex behaviors. Being let out of their cell to talk to the lady with the clipboard and drink the […]

Amazon Go and Uber: Where To Next?

14 December

  Earlier this month, news outlets were buzzing about Amazon Go, Amazon’s latest foray into brick and mortar shopping. Using the Amazon Go app, shoppers log in, pull goods from the shelves, and using a combination of “computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning,” the shopper’s account is charged for the items they select. The […]

Big Data and Market Research

09 March
Hank and Ally

Big Data have made quantum leaps in the amount of consumer information gatherable from more sources than ever before. Organizations are looking at data sets as diverse as social media chatter, Point of Sale and other “digital footprint” data, from the Internet of Things (think smart appliances like the Nest thermostat). The challenge is trying […]