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Father’s Day Social Insights

17 June

Market researchers are leveraging social listening and big data to get a handle on emerging Father’s Day trends, forming a decidedly modern view of the holiday that is worlds away from the traditional necktie and aftershave gifts. Experian reports that online searches for “Father’s Day” tend to begin just as Mother’s Day is ending. Among […]

Mother’s Day by the Numbers

07 May

Housekeeping, cleaning, cooking, chauffering, homework help—what are the everyday tasks the average mother performs worth?’s annual assessment, based on median wage data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, sets Mom’s 2015 market value at $65,284. That’s an increase of 3.7% percent from last year, up 9.1% from 2013. Though mothers are rarely compensated monetarily […]

Holiday Shopping Trends: Beyond Cyber Monday

04 December

This year saw a backlash against the recent trend of Black Friday holiday shopping creeping into Thanksgiving day.  According to CNN Money, “opening on Thanksgiving does little to boost sales, according to the data from recent years. Instead, it merely shifts some shopping that would have been done on Black Friday to Thursday….On top of […]