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Amazon Go and Uber: Where To Next?

14 December

  Earlier this month, news outlets were buzzing about Amazon Go, Amazon’s latest foray into brick and mortar shopping. Using the Amazon Go app, shoppers log in, pull goods from the shelves, and using a combination of “computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning,” the shopper’s account is charged for the items they select. The […]

6 Holiday Trends for 2015

08 December

With the 2015 holiday season in full swing, here are the latest trends and stories that caught our attention: The backlash against stores starting “Black Friday” on Thanksgiving (sometimes even before the pumpkin pie has been served!) continued this year. In a refreshing return to normalcy, REI, Costco, Nordstrom and other chains chose to give their […]

Are Trolls a Threat to Online Reviews?

21 October
Internet Trolls

Online user reviews have become increasingly important in consumers’ purchasing decisions, giving what The Harvard Business Review characterizes as “a rich, specific sense of what it’s like to own or use the goods they’re considering” before buying. As a result, more and more “troll” companies have sprung up, offering help to companies that want to […]

Fashion Focused Teens and Social Media

28 July

In March, TeenVogue partnered with SayWhat to conduct focus groups with fashion forward teen girls to discuss a variety of topics, including their attitudes about social media. We conducted four focus groups, two in Los Angeles and two in New York City. The focus group results will be incorporated into a larger annual study conducted by […]

Father’s Day Social Insights

17 June

Market researchers are leveraging social listening and big data to get a handle on emerging Father’s Day trends, forming a decidedly modern view of the holiday that is worlds away from the traditional necktie and aftershave gifts. Experian reports that online searches for “Father’s Day” tend to begin just as Mother’s Day is ending. Among […]

June Weddings

08 June

Despite the economic downturn and changing views about the institution, the wedding industry is a $54 billion dollar business, with the average wedding costing upwards of $25,000. And June still remains the most popular month to get married (10.8% of weddings happen then), followed closely by August (10.2%). A recent Harris Poll showed generational shifts […]

Mother’s Day by the Numbers

07 May

Housekeeping, cleaning, cooking, chauffering, homework help—what are the everyday tasks the average mother performs worth?’s annual assessment, based on median wage data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, sets Mom’s 2015 market value at $65,284. That’s an increase of 3.7% percent from last year, up 9.1% from 2013. Though mothers are rarely compensated monetarily […]

Holiday Shopping Trends: Beyond Cyber Monday

04 December

This year saw a backlash against the recent trend of Black Friday holiday shopping creeping into Thanksgiving day.  According to CNN Money, “opening on Thanksgiving does little to boost sales, according to the data from recent years. Instead, it merely shifts some shopping that would have been done on Black Friday to Thursday….On top of […]