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Father’s Day Social Insights

17 June

Market researchers are leveraging social listening and big data to get a handle on emerging Father’s Day trends, forming a decidedly modern view of the holiday that is worlds away from the traditional necktie and aftershave gifts. Experian reports that online searches for “Father’s Day” tend to begin just as Mother’s Day is ending. Among the most popular searches:

• Handmade and personalized gifts are on trend, with “DIY Father’s Day” and “Father’s Day Homemade Gifts” topping the frequent searches list

• Personalized search terms such as “gadget dads”, “wine lovers”, “bbq lovers”, and “outdoorsy dads”

• Gadget search terms for tech-savvy dads, including “Magellan GPS”, “Samsung Galaxy Note”, “Lojack”, “GoPro”, and “Beats” headphones

Meanwhile, Research Industry Voices took a closer look at Twitter to gauge sentiment around Father’s Day tweets. They found:

• Sports-related tweets were trending. 28% were about either playing or watching a game with dad

• 50% of those sports tweets were about golf. Running came in second at 21%, followed by soccer at 12%

• Tweets about Father’s Day gifts mentioned special meals more than other gifts, followed by alcohol (specifically beer, wine, and whiskey), and grilling/BBQ

The idea of togetherness on Father’s Day– wanting to share a personalized gift, watch a game together, and have a special meal is reflective of the hands-on role more and more fathers are playing in the modern family. The American Psychological Association reports that fathers are more involved in care giving than ever, and the number of full time stay-at-home dads is growing rapidly “having increased by 50 percent between 2003 and 2006”.

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