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Kiss the Messenger

23 October

An occupational hazard for a researcher is exposing negative feedback about a client’s brand or a product. This can be especially dicey when talking with people in real time when clients are present. Tech-centric companies have a bad rep for blaming users and/or researchers when the developers watch people struggle to figure out how to […]

Father’s Day Social Insights

17 June

Market researchers are leveraging social listening and big data to get a handle on emerging Father’s Day trends, forming a decidedly modern view of the holiday that is worlds away from the traditional necktie and aftershave gifts. Experian reports that online searches for “Father’s Day” tend to begin just as Mother’s Day is ending. Among […]

Best Social Listening Tools

29 January

As social media management tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social have become more sophisticated, they have expanded their dashboards to better accommodate “social listening.” By tapping the rich data available in social media, social listening can help brands with competitive analysis (What are other brands doing that we could be doing better?), determining consumer sentiment […]