Projects / Case Studies


We conducted focus groups with readers to identify what constitutes compelling content and what drives engagement with the magazine.

We work with the TeenVogue team using qualitative methods to engage the “It Girls” and gather insights about a variety of fashion brands.
Bon Appétit
Architectural Digest

We conducted golf buddy groups with millennial readers as well as groups with Gen X and Boomer readers to help Golf Digest understand the mindset of younger golfers and explore common ground across generations.

We talked to mobile app enthusiasts about the role mobile apps play in their lives. Check out video clips in the Mobile Shopping Blog and more in the Lounge.

We conducted focus groups to help the magazine transition after the Oprah television show went off the air.

We conducted focus groups with the daytime television audience to help The Ellen Degeneres Show to explore new ways to engage the audience.

Discovery Channel
St. Louis Post Dispatch
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


We conducted a series of studies to help various product managers develop strategic plans for product refinement and launch.

We conducted focus groups to help Yahoo! develop its online personal growth offerings.

We interviewed early adopters of the HP Sprout to help the product team evolve this new product category by incorporating the consumer’s point of view.

We worked with Neato Robotics to conduct an international survey among consumers to explore attitudes about vacuuming.


We conducted focus groups to help RTR get more intimate with their customers, identify strategies to attract new customers and generate new ways to engage them.

We conducted a multi-phase project including focus groups with end users, telephone interviews with B2B customers and a survey of both groups to identify key variables that drive growth in the online review category.
Whistle Labs
[tippy title=””]logo_bookrenterWe conducted focus groups with college students to explore their mindset with respect to acquiring books, and to test new messaging and visual branding directions.[/tippy]
[tippy title=”Chegg”]logo_cheggWe talked with college students in small groups of friends to learn about college life, the role of technology and how they feel about advertising and advertisers.[/tippy][/twocol_one_last]


[twocol_one][tippy title=”Frito-Lay”]logo_fritolayWe designed and moderated an employee-based online community aimed at generating new ideas for the company. Case Study available here.[/tippy]
General Mills
[tippy title=”Yoplait”]logo_yoplaitWe launched an online community of Wal-Mart Shoppers to explore the Pink Ribbon campaign and which types of causes connect emotionally with consumers, and why.[/tippy]
Old El Paso
Uncle Toby’s Oats
[tippy title=”Johnson & Johnson”]logo_johnsonWe have launched and moderated numerous online community forums across J & J skin care brands to explore a variety of questions including perceptions of concentrated products; the meaning of ‘natural’ in skin care; experiential associations with body wash products to name a few.[/tippy]
Clean & Clear
Lubriderm[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]
Del Monte
Foster Farms
Linens ‘n Things
The Home Depot
Banana Republic[/twocol_one_last]

Diversity Marketing

Jeep[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]
[tippy title=”Mercedes Benz”]logo_benzWe conducted focus groups with gay and lesbian luxury car drivers to help Mercedes-Benz USA develop its advertising among this audience.[/tippy]
Planet Out[/twocol_one_last]

And More . . .

[twocol_one][tippy title=”Bank of Hawaii”]logo_bohWe conducted usability tests with bank customers to evaluate three prototype designs for Bank of Hawaii’s re-launch of their website.[/tippy]
Teach for America
Bank of America
General Electric
Kohler[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]
[tippy title=”Stanford Medicine”]Stanford 160x113We partnered with Stanford Medicine’s marketing and brand strategy teams to develop messaging by talking directly with patients about their experiences and perceptions.[/tippy]
One Medical
[tippy title=”United Health Care”]UHC 160x133We launched an online community to help UHC gauge the liklihood of adoption among a 65+ age group for its mobile pharmacy app and to provide insight into how to serve its member market.[/tippy]
Physician’s Reimbursement Fund
International Paper
World Gold Council
Peninsula Jewish Community Center


[twocol_one][tippy title=”Mekanism”]logo_mekanismWe talked with European women about their philosophy of environmentalism and how they choose brands and products that are environmentally friendly.[/tippy]
Prophet Brand Strategy
Penn Schoen & Berland[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]
Research International

Case Studies

Personas Case Study This case study summarizes four personas that emerged from focus groups conducted in partnership with an online textook company to help the marketing team.

Social Listening Case Study This case study details Del Monte’s quest to understand consumer sentiment during the pet recall of 2007 when social listening first began.

New Product Positioning Case Study This case study illustrates how we used an online community to help an innovation company determine the best way to position a new energy supplement product.

Rent the Runway Case Study This case study highlights Rent the Runway’s first qualitative exploration among its customers to gather in-depth information on their lifestyles, motivations and feelings about the company.

Digital Magazines This case study synthesizes a series of studies that focused on understanding the consumer experience of magazines on tablets, particularly the iPad.

Frito-Lay Innovation Community This case study tells the story of a two-year online community of Frito-Lay employees whose purpose was to gather innovative ideas.