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Stand by Me: Performed by Karen Gibson and the Kingdom Choir at the Royal Wedding – BBC. Brought to my attention by my long time friend, Vivian Thompson, who witnessed the royal wedding.

Mike Montiero’s reflections on turning 50, becoming American, unlocking the world.
Montiero Birthday Medium Blog

Kitchen Stories: a funny movie about what happens when zealous ethnographers meet humans.

This could make me miss my train. Lucky Chops: unleashing high-energy brassy funk on the world since 2006

Vocal harmonies singing about social harmony. Good Harvest: Woodstock by Joni Mitchell

This is what happens when you reply to spam email. James Veitch: TED Talk

My favorite holiday-themed movie is Pieces of April

Inspiring on so many levels Tree Change Dolls

Mekanism is my current favorite ad maker.

All work and no play is just wrong. I love watching big wave surfing.
Mavericks, 2014.

Back in the day I played in an all-girl rock band called Yogy Odus.